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GAM – The Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, TN), is the oldest modern art museum in Italy. Its collections account up to 45.000 works in paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs, alongside a rich collection of drawings, engravings and one of the most important collections of art films and videos in Europe.

piazza Mafalda di Savoia - Rivoli (TO)
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A mighty structure that dates back to the XI Century placed on the hilltop just before the Susa Valley and the road to France. Over the centuries, it has been through several vicissitudes linked to its strategic position. The Savoia family, owners of the Castle since the early Middle Ages, transformed it into a noble residence in the sixteen hundreds. Bombarded by the French in 1693, it became an important construction site under the guidance of Filippo Juvarra, who designed - for Vittorio Amedeo II - a grand royal palace that was meant to compete with other Europen courts.

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The Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation was born in 1995 to promote contemporary art in different cultural ambits: visual arts, music, theatre, cinema and literature.

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The Merz Foundation was born thanks to Mario and Beatrice Merz and officially opened its exhibit spaces in April 2005. It hosts the Mario Merz work fund with the objective of conserving, protecting and making it available for the general public; it supports research on contemporary art through a centre of studies that includes a library and an archive; it promotes cultural initiatives.

via Giordano Bruno 31, Torino
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The Parco Arte Vivente (Living Art Park, TN) opened in November 2008 and is part of the rich and articulated city museum system with its own specificity: the analysis, experimentation and spreading of the “art of the living”.