Spaces for Art

via della Consolata 1/bis, Torino
Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 8, Torino
via Nizza 230, Torino
+39 011 0062008

Hosted in a structure that is suspended on the roof of Turin’s Lingotto – headquarters for Fiat’s first factory – the art collection that used to belong to Giovanni Agnelli and his wife Marella, is permanently open to the public.

via Accademia Albertina 6, Torino
+39 011 889020

Turin’s ‘Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti’ (Albertina Accademy of Fine Arts, TN) is one of the most ancient in Italy. It was founded in 1652 and has been in its present seat since 1832, following the will of King Carlo Alberto to whom it owes its historical denomination.

piazza della Repubblica, Venaria Reale (TO)
+39 011 4992333

The Venaria Reale is one of the most significant examples of European architecture and art’s splendour from the 17th and 18th Centuries.
The Palace, heart of the monumental complex was conceived to become the new centre of loisir at the time; it is today a centre of leisure and cultural production and offers a journey through art, history and architecture.

via Maria Vittoria 5 Torino
+39 011 0702350

MIAAO, Museo Internazionale delle Arti Applicate Oggi, was born in 2003 after the successful outcome of “Artigiano metropolitano” (Metropolitan Artisan, TN), an event that celebrated the Centenary of the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts held in Turin in 1902, visited by over 60.000 people.

via Francesco Cigna 114, 10155 Torino

Il MEF propone un’offerta culturale a carattere internazionale attraverso la realizzazione di mostre, eventi culturali, seminari, tavole rotonde e incontri, volta a interessare un vasto numero di persone attente all’arte moderna e a quella contemporanea, senza però escludere incursioni nell’arte antica.

via Andrea Sansovino 234, 10151 Torino
+39 011 4544474

This is a non-profit foundation, born in May 2009 with the aim of spreading contemporary art in all its forms, through actions involving the general public, privates and Institutions.

via Crescentino 25, Torino
+39 011 2876485

Barriera is a non-profit association, founded in 2007 by a group of friends and lovers of contemporary art, with the aim of promoting initiatives and exhibitions whilst favouring the education and training of young artists and galleries, through the collaboration with the main Bodies and Institutions.

via Serralunga 27, Biella
+39 015 28400

Cittadellarte is a non-profit organization, acknowledged by Regione Piemonte in 1998. Headquarters are in Biella, in a former wool-manufacturing factory on the Cervo torrent, inside an industrial archaeological complex that is protected by the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports.