Agenda / Paratissima 2013

Paratissima 2013

Paratissima 2013
from 06/11/2013 to 10/11/2013
Ex M.O.I

The ninth edition of Paratissima– PIX takes place from November 6th-10th, 2013 and for the second time in the scenic ex-MOI arches, in Borgo Filadelfia.

It started as an off event of Artissima – international fair of contemporary art. Paratissima is an international art and culture event realised outside of the institutional contemporary art scene. Painters, photographers, designers, fashion designers, videographers and all artists alike are welcome at Paratissima.

The event is enriched with special projects provided by Paratissima in collaboration with various companies and associations, projects considered particular for their quality and significance as well as exhibitions that host internationally renowned artists.

Educational areas, laboratories and workshops are taking on a key role in the event in order to trigger an active participation, a connection between the public and young artists during the five days of event.

Artists’ exhibitions, shows and performances have as a common objective interaction between environment and society- just one of the particularities of Paratissima.

All this is thanks to the informal, welcoming and open-minded environment that Paratissima has towards new projects with a different perspective on all forms of social-cultural art.

For this IX edition at the ex-MOI, Paratissima is also supporting the Awareness Campaign initiated in 2012 which turns degradation factors of the neighborhood in attraction elements. These include reclassifying shutters of closed –up shops of Piazza Galimberti into street art canvises and reopening once closed spaces in order to initiate interaction with the environment, even if only virtualy.

In the past editions Paratissima attracted nearly 500 artists and 180 performers who exhibited their artwork in two neighbourhoods of Turin: Borgo Filadelfia, at ex-MOI and San Salvario- the heart of the last editions where Paratissima Design was born.

In collaboration with the Association Argent de Posh, Paratissima Design took on a new challenge: represent, track and promote the creative excellence of the neighbourhood with studios and ateliers of San Salvario’s artists, artisans, graphic designers and architects, reclassifying the station’s ex- ticket office as Porta del Design (Door of Design).

Ex M.O.I
via Giordano Bruno 191, Torino